BlackBerry 10 Release Date Fast Coming Up, Many Features Still a Mystery

BlackBerry 10 Release Date Fast Coming Up, Many Features Still a Mystery

A new photo of an upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone was posted on Research in Motion’s official landing page for the BlackBerry 10 platform.  Although this is another sign the January 30, 2013 release date may be followed through on this time around, it still provides precious little insight into what features will be found on both platform and smartphones; only a partial portion of the phone’s back panel was shown on the image.

So far, there have been some videos and photos showcasing BlackBerry 10 and the applications that consumers can expect from the new operating system.  Design-wise, the BlackBerry L-Series all-touch handset, which is believed to be the device on the teaser image, may resemble a Google Nexus 7 from behind.  Still, there isn’t much to conclusively say about the features and specifications of the L-Series aside from the images and videos leaked out, which may not even be for real.

Despite encouraging stock market progress and analyst forecasts for RIMM stock prices, the success of BlackBerry 10 remains uncertain, with just a month and a half remaining before the target release date.  Experts believe RIM’s best strategy would be to cultivate consumer excitement and anticipation, something that may hopefully change the minds of analysts who have given BlackBerry 10 little to no chance of success.  As BlackBerry 10 and the new BB10-powered smartphones will be launched right in between the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress, this could be another variable that could help RIM attract more attention.

On the negative side, there is also the chance BlackBerry 10 may struggle because of a perceived “hostility” on Google’s end with regards to RIM and other operating systems, such as Nokia’s old Symbian platform.  According to a report from CrackBerry, Google mobile applications are now harder to locate on BlackBerry 7 devices.  With Google expected not to support RIM on the launch of BlackBerry 10, there is also a chance the new OS may not even be strong enough in the market to overtake current third-placer Windows Phone.

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